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BOSP Brighter Opportunities through Supported Play

Activities & Services

BOSP services are open to children and young people aged 4 years upwards with any disability.

We can discuss the needs of your child or young adult and organise a visit to one of our sessions. You will be asked to complete registration forms and an 'All About Me' form so we can ensure we meet your child's or young person's individual needs. For examples of these forms please click on the links below. You can print off and complete the forms before your visit, if you prefer.

Child & Young Person Registration Form (Word Format)
Child & Young Person Registration Form (PDF Format)
Child & Young Person All About Me Form (Word Format)
Child & Young Person All About Me Form (PDF Format)

Adult Registration Form (Word Format)
Adult Registration Form (PDF Format)
Adult All About Me Form (Word Format)
Adult All About Me Form (PDF Format)

Epilepsy Form (Word Format)
Epilepsy Form (PDF Format)

BOSP has a high staff to child/young person ratio to help meet medical and behavioural needs. At your initial visit we will discuss the level of support your child or young person requires. Many of our children and young people have individual care plans as they need a high level of care and support from our Playworkers. Each child and young person is risk assessed so we can determine the support they need for hall based and Out & About activities.

BOSP is happy to accommodate the dietary needs of your child or young person. At our hall based sessions a packed lunch is normally required, but on Out & About trips such as Let's Connect and Chill Zone, lunch or dinner is often included as part of the session.

Each activity session is supported by Senior Team leaders and overseen by a Supervisor. The Supervisor is responsible for the smooth running of the session. On arrival/collection you will be required to sign your child or young person in/out with the Supervisor and document any equipment or medication that needs to be given. If someone else is collecting your child or young person the Supervisor should be informed in advance. They will need to know your 'password' before they will be allowed to leave.

Family Liaison Worker

Our Family Liaison Worker can be contacted if you are a BOSP family and are experiencing difficulties associated with transition into adulthood. You can call The BOSP Office on 01277 624300 to arrange an appointment to discuss concerns you may have around further education, respite opportunities, independent living and re-assessment for your young person.

If you would like the opportunity to meet up with other families, we hold a peer support group most Saturdays in Basildon.  Please call The BOSP Office for more details.

Booking Activities & Services

Parents and carers request BOSP sessions quarterly in advance, i.e. January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December. Towards the end of the previous quarter we will email the activity schedules for the next period. Parents and carers then decide which sessions they would like to request and reply to BOSP by the booking deadline. We then send out a confirmation of your allocated sessions. Session invoices are emailed at the beginning of each month. BOSP would prefer that payment is made directly into our bank account (please contact The BOSP Office for account details) or you can pay by cheque (made payable to BOSP).

If your child or young person does not receive all the grant funded dates that were requested and you would like to book additional sessions in advance, to increase your short breaks, parents and carers have the option of arranging additional sessions as a Direct Purchase (subject to availability).  Please note, if your child or young person requires greater support the Direct Purchase costs will increase.

Cancelling Sessions/Illness

If you need to cancel your session you need to give at least 2 full working days notice by contacting The BOSP Office so a credit can be applied. If your child or young person is unwell we ask that you do not bring them to a session. For sickness or diarrhoea they can attend BOSP 48 hours after symptoms disappear; for a high temperature please leave 24 hours after they feel better.

Child Protection/Safeguarding

At BOSP we believe that children have the right to be completely secure from both fear and reality of abuse and are committed to protecting all the children in our care from harm.  All of our staff undergo safeguarding training, whilst senior staff are trained to level 2 and two members of staff are trained to level 3.  Stephanie Clowting (BOSP;s Care Co-ordinator) along with Charity Manager Maxine McKay are the two designated Safeguarding leads who co-ordinate child protection issues. They are responsible for liaising with Social Services and the Area Child Protection Committee in any child protection matter.  BOSP also has a designated Trustee who oversees child protection or safeguarding matters. If we believe a child or young person is in danger or at risk we will seek advice from or make a referral to Social Services. For a full copy of BOSP's Child Protection/Safeguarding policy please contact The BOSP Office.


BOSP aims to provide a welcoming environment that promotes and reflects cultural and social diversity and is equally accessible to all.  

BOSP’s Equal Opportunities Policy and Procedures aim to help everyone involved at BOSP to counteract and eliminate both direct and indirect discrimination in decision making, employment practices and service provision; to ensure that we strive to achieve equal opportunity for all.