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Buy a BOSP Star

In 2016, BOSP's star mascot felt it was time to go travelling - to highlight BOSP's work in tackling the chronic social isolation felt by many disabled children and young people.

The idea is to buy a star and take him travelling with you.  You then take photographs of his experiences and post them back to us here at the office. It is a great conversation starter and people cannot help enquiring what it is about.  We can then share your photograph on our website and social media, spreading the word further.

BOSP's Travelling Stars were originally made by kind volunteers at Claire's 'Beautiful Things Craft & Sewing Centre' in Brentwood 01277 811136  www.clairemackaness.com)

We also received support from Brentwood County High.  As part of their Community day, their sewing class made us more of the lovely stars to sell.

All the funds raised by the sale of the softie stars will go towards maintaining the BOSP mini-bus, ensuring the children and young people we support can enjoy travelling too!

BOSP's Fundraising Travelling Star £5 large/ £3 small - How far can he go?
Let's see how far BOSP's star can travel and build awareness of the vital support we provide.  Just some of the places he has been so far...on safari in Kenya, The Grand Canyon and the Grand Prix in Singapore.

Step 1.  Place an order to purchase your felt star for £5 (large) £3 (small), by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us on 01268 553117 (cash or bank transfer accepted). 

Step 2.  Take him with you when you go out or give him to a friend or family member on their travels, remembering to take a photograph of BOSP’s star.

Step 3.  Upload the photograph to BOSP’s Facebook page @BOSPCharity or Twitter @BOSPEssex  telling us where he is, or if you prefer send in your picture/caption by email to [email protected] 

If you do upload your photos to social media, don't forget to use the hashtag #BOSPStar