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Our Impact

Just some of our parental testimonials

"BOSP is special, you walk in and your shoulders automatically untense. I know my child is going to be safe and have fun and I can finally put my feet up and relax"

"Thank you very much, our son is having a great time when he is there. He really looks forward to going and talks about things he has done and seen. We really appreciate everything that you ladies are doing. God Bless you all"

"Thank you for all you are doing in these incredibly challenging circumstances. It is really appreciated"

"I just wanted to sincerely thank you for taking time to show me around today. I thought the project and the staff were fantastic"

"I think in the early days we were just a little reserved as a lot of it can still be about acceptance and it felt a bit too soon but you've been amazing to us"

"I wouldn’t have survived this pandemic if it wasn’t for BOSP"

"I just wanted to pass on how thoroughly impressed I was with how BOSP was run last week. The set up at Thriftwood Scout Camp was so organised and it was wonderful to see children and young people being offered a wide variety of activities on each day that I visited. They were able to make choices about what they wanted to partake in and staff happily supported them in whatever activity they wanted to do.  When I arrived on Thursday I was greeted by the sounds of your amazing music therapist in the garden on her keyboard with children and staff singing along to the tunes they wanted. It was such a beautiful sight and sound. Everyone looked genuinely happy to be there and be involved in the activities on offer.  I know that you always do amazing work but I just felt that last week your staff were exceptional. Putting children first was clearly paramount" 

"I have loved working at BOSP and cannot believe it’s just over a year that I have been working for you. The job is very rewarding and I love working with the young people and staff, it feels like a big family"

"Couldn't have done it without your support. You saved me many times and I wont forget your kindness"

"It is so nice for our son to have something to look forward to. I cannot remember the last time he left the house, so seeing his friends and familiar faces is such a tonic for him. It also gave me half an hour which I just sat and chilled, thank you so much"

"BOSP are our family, everyone is always so happy and welcoming, it’s just like going home"

"Being able to trust someone with your child who can’t tell you if they are being hurt or are happy is a huge thing. With BOSP I trust you completely, there is nowhere else I’d leave my child"

"Thanks for a wonderful day at Thriftwood yesterday, they both came home excited and full of beans!"

"You’ve made my life work, I don’t know how we would have ever coped without you"

"Thank you for always being here for me"

"What lovely people you are, always so supportive. Just wanted to say thank you”

"I don’t know how we would survive without you, as soon as this is all over, we as a family will do everything we can to help fundraise and keep this amazing charity going. You don’t realise what you mean to families like us"